Calculated Investment Costs  
infrastructure 656,100
water collection and treatment, tanks, sewerage, pipes, culverts, etc 656,100
constructural actions 11,809,800
transformer station, barracks for trucker, administration building, sanitarian accomodations, locker, lunchroom, stocks, workshops, laboratories, means of production, realties, fabric closure, etc.  874,800
granary:soya: capacity 100000 tons, with acceptance, prepurification, drying, ventilation, thermometry, Fördereinrichtungen, Elektro-Panele, etc. 6,998,400
granary: sunflowers: 2 silos with a capacity of 20,000 tons of sunflowers and 2,000 tons of shucked soya, ventilation, thermometry, conveying equipment, delivery facility, electro-panels, etc. 2,187,000
granary: course meal: capacity of 30,000 tons, conveying equipment, delivery facility, electro-panels, etc. 1,749,600
machines, accouterments; installation 22,744,800
cleaning, shelling of the sunflower grains, preparation of the grains, selection and shelling of soya; extraction of soya and sunflower grains; capacity 1000tons/24h; including metal structures; electromechanical installation; thermal isloation; painting  22,744,800
basic commodities (transformer station/ distributor, steam boiler, cooling tower, oil tanks, piping system, pumps, hydrants, etc.) 20,557,800
laboratory equipments 218,700
various 218,700
machines, garage equipment and spare parts 218,700
various 218,700
office equipment 174,960
various 174,960
vehicles 174,960
industrial trucks and light-duty utility vehicles, etc. 174,960
start-up costs 174,960
cleaning, security, transports, accounterment acceptance, etc.   174,960
management of implementation 1,312,200
technical projects, human ressources administration, incorporation of employees, etc.  1,312,200
eventual cost over-runs 1,874,259
 5.0 % above previous 1,874,259
total sum - fix investment cost 39,359,439
exchange rate: x USD/ BRL:  06.02.2009